Supported blockchains

Store Tickets

  • Receive & store ticket NFTs
  • Keep multiple tickets for multiple events

Scan To Access

  • Unlock exclusive access with your ticket NFTs
  • Verify your digital membership

Set Your Profile

  • Add a profile name to display when your cloth is scanned

Scan To Proof

  • Scan your unique QR Code to view your profile name
  • Proof that what you wear is truly yours

Receive Digital Assets

  • Receive Cryptocurrency
  • Receive NFTs

NFT Gallery

  • View your collected NFTs.
  • Showcase your NFT portfolio.

How to setup your Tokenwear

  • 1. Unbox tokenwear and remove the security sticker to reveal your unique QR code.
  • 2. Scan the QR code with your phone to load the setup screen.
  • 3. Enter your tokenwear NFT card details to link to the blockchain.
  • 4. All done! You are ready to access exclusive places with your tokenwear.

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